Ecclesia with Breaking Bread Journeys: Jordan River, Qumran, Dead Sea, Jerusalem

August 5, 2015. Today seemed like 3 days packed into one. We started before sunrise and we covered so much ground. We began our journey from Tiberias to a new baptismal site on the Jordan River, right at the Jordanian border. Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee greeted us with the serenity fitting for such a meaningful day.


We arrived at the new baptismal site situated right on the border of Jordan and Israel. The river was surprisingly maybe only 20-25 wide. It was a very isolated location, extremely quiet with a warm breeze from the desert. We’ll never forget the experience of white doves suddenly coming from the Jordanian side of the river, flying right over our heads as Pastor Chris was baptizing.



After everyone commemorated their baptisms, we made a quick snack break where some of us enjoyed a camel ride…


Next we made a quick stop to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls which were found at Qumran.

Day5-12 Day5-13

Next on the itinerary was a visit to the Dead Sea…


Next we finally arrived in Jerusalem at our beautiful hotel, The American Colony, and walked into the Old City for a visit to the Holy Sepulcher and the Wailing Wall.

Day5-19Day5-20Day5-21Day5-22Day5-23Day5-27Day5-25Day5-26Day5-28Day5-24Day5-30 Day5-31

Closing time… and that was a day!


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