From Urban to Rural Uganda

Catching my blog readers up on a Uganda post I never published from January.

Moving from Kampala’s overwhelming urban slums to the serene yet rugged beauty of rural Uganda, you quickly get an idea of the spirit of those who live here. If you were to experience it, one thing would be clear to you: the Ugandan people are deeply creative, kind, hard-working, street-smart, and hospitable. You would see that Uganda’s most valuable resource is her people. If you’re seeing this post, you’re the kind of person who can respect that education gave you a chance to gain knowledge that allowed you to utilize your God-given talents. If you stop and think about it, you can’t help but realize that if given a fair chance, these beautiful people really could change the world to make it a brighter, more hopeful place. And they would arrive on such a world stage already equipped with a clear advantage in leading us toward such hope— because they have learned that success is not defined by excess; success is defined by joy, contentment, and resourcefulness. When you’re here on the ground, you don’t really have much of a choice in the moment but to throw all the theories and charts of how to solve world poverty out the window. Sometimes, it’s as basic as here are hungry children, you’ve got a few dollars, buy beans and rice, make them as tasty as you can and feed them so that they can focus on the teacher and not their hunger. My heart is yet again moved by these rich souls who have so much to offer us who are the “soul-poor” of the West. I’ll be sharing more in the days ahead. It’s my honor to get to be your periscope into this beautiful world of smiles, hope, and gratitude. I know that my posts over the years on this topic probably get redundant to some onlookers, but for those of you who enjoy the perspective, I’m happy and blessed that somehow I have the honor of continuing to provide it.

Uganda: Kampala Slum Outreach, ‘The Children’s Hope Center’

Peace Gospel International operates a school in the slums of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Here are some shots I took at the school and around the slum colony today. The start of the Ugandan school year is this week, however due to the disruption of somewhat tumultuous elections, our enrollment at the school is a little lower than usual; it will be back to normal next week. However, there were plenty of students to interact with today, and you can just tell they’re sharp kids. As you can see in one of the photos, part of our school here has some challenges with flooding but we have some plans to remedy that.