My recent trip to (South) Asia began with a visit to a boarding school for at-risk youth including trafficking survivors in South India. My lifelong local friends operate these programs, so I’ve been able to visit their campus many times during my travels to India since I first fell in love with the country in 1993.

It is always so inspiring to see the smiles of these children knowing the circumstances from which they have come. Learn more about this education program at and their girls’ trafficking response programs at

The program includes an accredited day school for local at-risk children, many of whom, without the free education and fresh-cooked meals the program provides, would otherwise be involved in child labor because the families cannot afford the supplies needed to keep the children enrolled in other local schools. Orphans recovering from trafficking (slavery) situations are able to find boarding at the school where their complete resident care is provided for. Much of the evidence of the success of the programs is found simply in their smiles.

Photography note: I took over 600 photos of these kids but had to face the hard task of narrowing it down for this blog post. I managed to get it down to 105, I know it’s a lot, but it’s the best I could do in choosing from so many great smiles!


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