Holy Land Day 2: Nazareth, Tulip Winery, Cana

Continuing our tour with Ecclesia Houston, guided by Breaking Bread Journeys, today we visited Mary’s Well, which is believed to be located at the site where Christians hold that the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and announced that she would bear the Son of God, an event known as the Annunciation.

Found just below the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in modern-day Nazareth, the well was positioned over an underground spring that served for centuries as a local watering hole for the Arab villagers. The actual well-spring is difficult to see down a dark passage, but I did manage to get some shots of the beautiful interior of the Greek Orthodox church; Greek iconography is one of my favorite art forms.

Be sure to follow my fellow documentarian Giovanni Arias for his perspective on the journey, including some great videos, like this one at Cana today.

Click/Tap any photo to start a slideshow. 

For lunch we spent the afternoon hearing the beautiful story of Tulip Winery. The Israeli winery employs special needs adults who make their home in the village of Kfar Tikvah where the winery is located, in the Haifa District. We met some of these wonderful people whose lives have been transformed through the healing of having a job they love, where they are appreciated and valued. We were treated to a delicious lunch and an unforgettable wine tasting. We were blessed by our host who we could tell was very enthusiastic about the cause behind Tulip, which employs 39 special needs adults who live in the village where the winery is located, a former kibbutz. The village’s name appropriately means “Village of Hope.” This was my 5th visit to Tulip, but today was the first time I had noticed their horse stables and rabbit hutches. Today we learned that they keep various animals for the purpose of therapy for the special needs adults. In my opinion, horses are majestic and beautiful animals and I love the rare chance I have to photograph them.

From Tulip Winery we made our way to Cana, where, according to John’s Gospel, Jesus performed his first miracle of turning water into wine for a wedding celebration. Married couples from our group took the opportunity to renew their wedding vows in a very moving ceremony in one of the gardens of the Franciscan Wedding Church.

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