Nicaragua Day 5: Juan Dávila, Playa Gigante

On my final day in Nicaragua, not wanting to waste of moment of my short time in this gorgeous country, I got up to see the sunrise at 5:30. Of course, plenty of coffee was involved in such a proposition and is the only reason you will see sunrise photos in this post. So we thank you, Nicaragua, for your magic coffee beans. I then met up with the group at our usual meeting spot, a home overlooking Redondo Bay, where Pastor Chris led us in a devotional.

From there we made our way to a village called Juan Dávila. In this village, Living Water has installed a clean water well that is pumped to a storage tank. The elevated storage tank supplies running water for hand washing stations and drinking water distribution points in the village. We were able to hear from local leaders how this installation has transformed the village by bringing the community together and reducing disease. We threw a party for the local children and all had a great time.

We got back to Redondo Bay in the afternoon for some free time. I made quite a trek, in my flip-flops mind you, to the next beach north of us, Playa Gigante. As the name implies, it is quite a giant beach. I explored and did my introvert thing to bring you some photos of this amazing location, but then reconnected with several of our group who had also made the hike over to hang out at a local beach bar and cafe. The evening concluded as usual with appetizers at our meeting house as we watched our last sunset of the trip.

I will miss Nicaragua and my new friends but I know we will be reunited. Grateful to Chris Seay and Ecclesia Houston for inviting me along to document this unforgettable experience.

Click/tap on the first photo to begin a slideshow.

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