Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo: ‘Gatekeepers’ volunteers, horse show

Yesterday I had the pleasure of documenting a few facets of the world’s largest livestock show and rodeo, which draws over 2.5 million visitors and requires 30,000 volunteers each year: The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Founded in 1931, the purpose of the event is to raise money for education. The organization has committed more than $400 million to scholarships and other educational youth programs since it was formed. Currently, they are awarding about $3 million in scholarships each year. It’s quite an impressive undertaking.

I was asked to follow one of the many volunteer teams to document a ‘day in the life’ experience of the volunteer aspect of the event. The group I was assigned to was one of the ‘The Gatekeepers’ teams, responsible for being the “face of the organization” named as such since they’re the first volunteers whom visitors make contact with when entering the grounds.

After documenting The Gatekeepers, I made my way to one of the horse shows to give you a flavor of one of the events. Mind you, it was middle of the day on a weekday so the crowds were on the lighter side. As horses are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, it was a treat to be able to get so close to these beautiful animals. Hope you enjoy the images!

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