Doors of Italy: Power Portals

I’ve long held a fascination with doors as a photography subject. On my Instagram account I started a collection under the hashtag “#ktrap_doors” with over 500 doors I’ve captured from all over the world. Among my favorite locales in the world for “door hunting” are Uganda, Nepal and, of course, Italy. So I’m very happy to bring you this collection of doors from Venice and parts of the region of Italy known as Isernia. From the Venetian Lagoon to the Apennine Mountains, let’s turn the knob and step into the world of Italy’s classic portals…

Doors_of_Italy-1 Doors_of_Italy-2 Doors_of_Italy-3Doors_of_Italy-4Doors_of_Italy-5Doors_of_Italy-7Doors_of_Italy-8Doors_of_Italy-9Doors_of_Italy-11Doors_of_Italy-12Doors_of_Italy-13Doors_of_Italy-14Doors_of_Italy-15Doors_of_Italy-16Doors_of_Italy-17Doors_of_Italy-18

Moving south to the province of Isernia, region of Molise…


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