Venezia: Spirit of the Gondola

On my way home from Nepal I had the incredible opportunity to stop through Italy, when the 56th Venice Biennale art festival was getting underway. After the trauma of facing Nepal’s devastating earthquake aftermath, I found solace in the soothing elegance of Venice’s gondolas. They seem to weep at times, as their heads bow in reverence to the shadowed tunnels from which they humbly emerge. Indeed I myself had things over which to mourn. Venice’s somber waterways seemed a fitting backdrop for my contemplative recovery from the previous week’s heartbreaking realities.

The timing of my trips, both of which were already planned before the earthquake, seemed surreal, yet poetically appropriate. I have more themes to share from my Venice wanderings and then will take you south to the mountainous Isernia province of Italy where I reunited with lifelong friends I had not seen in years.


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