Nepal Earthquake Relief: Sindhupalchowk District

Catch up on why I’m here in Nepal and how you can help, too, by reading my previous post if you haven’t yet seen it. Today we made our way to a tiny village in the Sindhupalchowk District, pretty close to the China border. Bimal has a friend from that village who reported that nearly all the village residents had lost their homes, were sleeping under a long goat shed and desperately needed bedding supplies. So yesterday we scoured the markets in Kathmandu for what little supplies were available, and managed to come up with enough foam padding and blankets to get them a bit more comfortable arrangements while they are in the process of rebuilding. We set out at 6am for our journey to reach them…


On our way, we witnessed a quite bloody motorcycle accident. I have photos but I’ll spare you because they’re quite gory. We applied first aid and loaded the two victims into our truck. Bimal and our friend sped them off to the local hospital while Cody and I got to know the villagers and their amazing foot bridge you’ll see below. In this first photo (check out his t-shirt!) you can see the crowd still assembled around the point of the accident… (note that you can click or tap on any of my photos to see a larger size)


Before we knew it, Bimal and his friend had returned from the “ambulance” run. So we were back on our way to Sindhupalchowk, and these are some of the scenes of devastation we encountered…


The juxtaposition of such destruction against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty was surreal. I am not quite sure which two peaks these are, but this range runs along the China-Nepal border of Sindhupalchowk District. The peaks are just about 30km from where I took this shot (at Irkhu). Typical elevation of this range is around 7,000 meters, or 23,000 feet.


We then finally reached the village where we conducted the supplies distribution. The people, especially the children, were humble, grateful and precious souls. We first began by unrolling our huge sleeping pad material and cutting it into pieces for distribution…


We also brought first aid and water purification supplies. The kids played around with us and absolutely loved the makeshift mattress padding…

Sindhupalchowk-31 Sindhupalchowk-30 Sindhupalchowk-29Sindhupalchowk-23Sindhupalchowk-24Sindhupalchowk-22Sindhupalchowk-25Sindhupalchowk-26Sindhupalchowk-27Sindhupalchowk-28

We also passed out new blankets for each homeless resident of the village…


This sweet lady volunteered as the coordinator to make sure that all residents who had been left homeless by the earthquake received their supplies…


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